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Welcome to the web home of Louisiana-born, California-based author, Rufus Battle.

This site contains information on Mr. Battle’s book, One Man’s Battle, as well as his thoughts and observations on a range of subjects, from the ongoing impact of slavery on the American psyche, to the continuing importance of the Black church in shaping African-American culture.

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One Man’s Battle. An important  new book by Rufus Battle.

Available as a trade paperback or ebook. For ordering information, please send us an email, at rufuslb@juno.com.

EXCERPT from One Man’s Battle:

Going from the pasture into the thick brush along the bayou was like entering into another realm.  After passing through the green wall bordering the pasture, we moved into a clearing near the water.  It was magical. Suddenly, a glorious new world appeared before our eyes.  Many varieties of trees and plants we’d never laid eyes on before flourished heavily along the banks.  The black sticky soil released a strong scent like none other, a smell representing centuries of organic decay and stagnant water.

The branches of willow trees drooped lazily over the bayou’s edge. We could hear bullfrogs plopping into the water as we approached. Strange-looking insects bustled along the ground as we disturbed the leaves and debris that concealed them. The sound of frogs croaking and creatures rustling in the undergrowth served as a constant reminder we were visitors in a world only God fully knew.  Sunshine pierced the trees with shafts of glaring light, connecting the bayou’s bank with the sky above.   Flying insects glittered in the sunlight, then disappeared into the darkness of deep shade.  I felt bugs striking my face as we passed through swarms.  There was no doubt I was alive – the animated world around me was a constant reminder that I was part of a living, breathing universe.

The shaded areas along the bank felt cool, a welcome relief from the hot, humid summer day.  It was like being in a dream, in a place where we were allowed to experience life in full bloom, pure nature untainted by human intervention.  The dark bayou water was carpeted with a green film of algae, spotted with openings here and there.  Taken together, the water, rotting old logs, birds singing in the trees, minnows swimming near the bank, and insects buzzing in the bushes touched me in a way that’s difficult to describe. It was glorious! This was truly a special place. Being there with my brother and sister was indescribably wonderful…