About the author

Rufus Battle was born in 1947, in Tensas Parish, Louisiana. The son of sharecroppers, Mr. Battle’s early life was shaped by the harsh economic and social realities that faced most poor, rural Blacks in the Deep South. After moving as a teenager to New Orleans, followed by stints in first the Army, then the Navy, he became a highly qualified equipment maintenance technician, holding skilled positions in semiconductor production in the Silicon Valley and Colorado. Never completely at ease with his success, Mr. Battle turned to his religious roots to find answers to the questions and doubts that had plagued him since his days in the cotton fields of Tensas Parish. He immersed himself in church-related activities, and eventually emerged from California’s Pepperdine University with a Master’s degree in Divinity.

Memories of old men from the cotton fields were ever-present in his mind – faces strained from the toils of life looking toward him as if to say he must rise and tell their story. The visions became an impelling force for Rufus after graduating from Pepperdine. Bolstered by the insights his studies provided, he decided to write a memoir, feeling many fellow African-Americans — as well as other countrymen — could find potential solace and inspiration in his story. He was especially moved by his studies in a class called “Religion and the African American Experience.” Realizing his personal story epitomized the historical struggle, he felt it was his duty to put his thoughts into writings. Imbued with the very spirit of his early experiences in the fields, he wrote.One Man’s Battle is the culmination of that effort.

Rufus Battle lives and works in Vallejo, California.